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Cupid monster legends

cupid monster legends

Monster Legends Lovely Days breeding event. Event is from 11/2/ 11am GMT (3am PST) until 16/2/. Breeding Cupid and Pyrook. Result: Pyrook (9 hours) - Djinn (16 hours) - Firesaur (15 secs) - Genie (15 hours). Hello here is my new video,how to breed Draza and cupid good luck for all players.


Monster Legends - Cupid level 1 to 100 Review

Cupid monster legends - auf der

Create your own and start something epic. One Enemy Learnable at level 20, 25, 30, 55, 60, 85, 90 Skill Dam. Viktor [Legend, Thunder] Dracontium [Legend, Fire] Dragonian Beast [Earth, Nature] Drazz [Legend, Metal] Drekk [Legend, Nature] Drop Elemental [Water, Magic] Duchess [Magic, Earth] Dusty Fear [Magic, Dark] Eburwin [Metal, Light] Eggeater [Legend, Magic] Eggknock [Dark, Earth] El Dino Volador [Legend, Nature] Elder Sporeling [Nature, Fire] Electrex [Earth, Thunder] Enypiast [Legend, Water] Erebus [Legend, Dark] Erpham [Nature, Magic] Esmelter [Metal, Fire] Esthirel [Fire, Light] Evaranae [Nature, Dark] Exo Skeel [Legend, Thunder] Famperium [Legend, Water] Fampira [Legend, Dark] Fayemelina [Light, Dark] Fenix [Fire, Magic] Fenrir [Legend, Dark] Fightreer [Legend, Nature] Firanda [Fire, Nature] Fire Lion [Fire] Firekong [Fire, Earth] Firelequin [Legend, Fire] Firesaur [Fire] Firesque [Dark, Fire] Firetaur [Dark, Fire] Firus [Nature, Legend] Firyna [Legend, Fire] Flawless [Magic, Light] Flickie [Fire, Dark] Fliploch [Water, Dark] Flirty [Legend, Nature] Fornax [Metal, Fire] Frank S. Playing features in Monster Legends. The results are sorted in good to bad order, you can also compare different combinations with the "Percentage Bar" - higher, better; or by comparing the "Avg Time" - shorter, better. Target Crazy in Love 5 0 0 Possesses the target enemy and attacks its own team,Heals and Regenerates himself. Breeding in Monster Legends. Possesses the target enemy and attacks its own team,Heals and Regenerates. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Raccoon Klectus Minotaurus General Uria Flirty Caillech Krampus King Daeron Queen Luthien White Pandalf Ralbog Greedy Dragon Annihilator R2 General Shannara Lux Aura Sphyrnus Darude Malair Galante Ebook kostenlos runterladen ohne anmeldung Alces Scarr the Outcast ML-1 YAMATO Uru Anton Acorne The Prisoner Hydrok The Forgotten The Judgment Sarah Blockheart Toy Master Eggeater Tryon The Ringer Dr. Can randomly learn at levels: One Enemy Fall in Love 0 95 16 2 Stuns target enemy and Reduces it's Energy. cupid monster legends


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